Emergency Food

Reviewing my post on long term food storage ideas, here are a few reminders and examples for Emergency Food:


How Much Emergency Food Should You Store?

Every home should have a minimum of three days’ worth of food and water appropriate for their family size, but having at least two weeks’ worth is preferred. The rule of thumb for water is one gallon of water per person per day, and do not forget to count children and pets at up to a full gallon of water each as well. The amount of food will depend on your family, but there should be enough to provide enough calories and nutrition to keep you healthy. At the very minimum, each family member should be able to have at least one full meal per day.

What Kinds of Food Should You Store?

You will want to stock food that has a minimum of a 3-6 month shelf life, and keep that stock rotated so that nothing is spoiled should an emergency occur. Look for canned goods and other non-perishable foods that your family likes and will eat. Everyone will need to consume enough food to get the proper nutrition.

What Are Some Examples of Foods to Store?

Ready to eat canned goods that do not require cooking before consumption, granola bars, dried milk, peanut butter, nuts, and protein bars are all examples of good items to store. Crackers, bread, and similar products are good to keep as well – as long as you keep the stock rotated and keep in mind that they will not last as long as non-perishable items.

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Winter 2014/15.  There's a road in that mess somewhere! The winter of 2014/15, we had a record-breaking 551cm (217 inches) of snow. It was horrific! Last year was OK, but the threat of another bad one awaits us this year. You can bet your boots that I’ll be ready! We usually lose our electricity, so can’t cook, so lots of bread and peanut butter and canned meats and water and fruit! A lot of our storms come up the East Coast (thanks), so our weather is similar. Our Nor’Easters are the worst. Thanks for stopping by.


Yes, Vishal, it’s very important. In a lot of cases, 3 days might be enough, but I feel safer being prepared for at least a week, if not two.


You have such important information on all your posts. Thanks for sharing. On a humorous note, my emergency food kit when we left least week during hurricane was 2 boxes of Italian cookies, a jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread.

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