Tools to Stay Organized

Tools to Stay OrganizedEmergency Preparation: Tools to Stay Organized

In virtually any situation, staying organized can make things much easier. Having an organized emergency preparation plan and the right supplies could literally save your life should disaster ever strike. Here are some tools to stay organized as well as some handy tips:

Write Out Your Plan

First of all, you want to organize your thoughts. The best way to do this is to write out your emergency plan. Not only will it help you think it through, but it will also help you crack down on details and get everyone involved on the same page.

Don’t forget to include different scenarios in your plans for emergencies. Make a plan for every situation you can think of: fires, floods, tornadoes, power outages, nearby industrial accidents, and whatever else comes to mind – including anything which is more likely to happen because of the climate in your area (such as snowstorms).

Set That Plan into Motion

Once you have a plan, you can set your plan into motion by making preparations as needed. For example, get all of your survival equipment ready including emergency items in the house, in the car, etc.

Lists for Everything

To keep track of what you have done, what needs to be done, and what or where everything is, never underestimate the usefulness of a detailed list.

  • Inventory: Keep a running inventory list for your emergency food and water rations, first aid kit, and other supplies. Include expiration dates and make changes to the list as items are used, removed, or replaced.

  • Emergency Information: Remember to keep a list of medical information, medications, emergency contacts, and any other useful information. Not only will lists like this help you keep everything straight in the chaotic aftermath of a major event, but it will also help emergency services should you be unable to talk.

Designate a Space

In your car, office, home, and wherever else you might be during a crisis, designate a space for your emergency supplies. Have a bag in your car or office, and designate a pantry, shelf, or other area at home for emergency water, food rations, and other supplies.

Contain It

Especially when storing food, make sure that all items are safely and hygienically contained in airtight bags or containers. Have extra containers on standby for any cans, boxes, or bags that are opened for use. Keep everything as neatly contained as possible so you can keep track of and locate items you need.

Label It

Label all of your supplies clearly. When an emergency occurs, you might not have the time or frame of mind to dig through a mess to look for small items. Also label items with expiration dates and “date opened” so that you can avoid waste and keep supplies fresh.

Maintain It

Save time, money, and trouble by maintaining all of your hard-earned organization. Keep everything as clean as possible, and rotate supplies so nothing is expired when you need it most.

A little organization can go a long way, especially in an emergency situation. You can boost your preparations by following these tools to stay organized as well as the tips and ideas we’ve supplied for your emergency plans and supplies.

From the American Red Cross:

Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan

A Plan Template/Checklist



I’m not always the most organized person but when it comes to preparing for hurricanes, I got it! We actually decided to leave for this one and headed west to see the colorful leaves. We’ll see what the news says as to whether we return tomorrow or Sunday. The hotel we are staying at has a full kitchen! If I knew that I would have brought more than bread and peanut butter. LOL You do have great tips to stay organized!


Hi, Martha. I’m glad that you decided to go elsewhere. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere that Matthew touches down. And as far as the good tips, I truly believe that we can never know enough when it comes to being prepared for disasters or emergencies.

Rajashree Bhagwat

Beautifully written article! Your writing too is in a very organized way. The tips mentioned are a must for everyone to be successful and live a life what one wants to live. To achieve something in life, being organized is a much needed element.

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